The story of Alba Rosa Viëtor

In 2009 a book about Alba Rosa Viëtor was published: The Story of Alba Rosa Viëtor: Violinist and Composer 1889-1979. The book includes the memoirs and lectures by Alba Rosa Viëtor, a catalog of her works, reviews and analyzes of her composing style. You can download the e-book here


You can download the e-book here

Part I: The Life of Alba Rosa Viëtor, Memoir and Biography
Part II: Alba’s Reflections on Music and Life
Part III: Views on the Work of Alba Rosa Viëtor
Part IV: The Music, List of Compositions Authors: Alba Rosa Viëtor († 1979 ), Hendrik Viëtor († 2010), Mary van Veen-Viëtor († 2012), Walter Winkler, Robijn Tilanus, Peter Fraser MacDonald DMA, Paul Janssen, Tom Collingridge.

Publisher: Alba Rosa Viëtor Foundation.

In music, Melody is the expression; Harmony is the dress; Rhythm is the discipline. (Alba Rosa Viëtor)
Download the e-book here

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