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Press Release: Jack Frerer wins Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition 2016

The young Australian composer Jack Frerer (1995) has been declared the winner of the Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Prize 2016. The final round of this international composition competition was held on Sunday 2 October during the second Alba Rosa Viva! chamber music festival. This composition competition has become one of the most successful events of the festival: this year there were 150 candidates from 50 countries. Six composers reached the final and competed for the various prizes. Jack Frerer won not only the First Prize but also the Audience Prize with his composition Last In, First Out. The Second Prize was awarded to the Brazilian composer Igor Coelho Marques (1988) for his composition huithrothroy.

Jack Frerer
Jack Frerer

Finale Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition

The six finalists were Olaf Krause (Germany, 1981), Melle Heij (The Netherlands, 1997), Igor Coelho Marques (Brazil, 1988), Dani Howard (Great Britain, 1993), Jack Frerer (Australia, 1995) and Austin Yip (Great Britain, 1985). Their compositions were performed by an ad hoc ensemble of young international musicians. The jury was made up of the chairman of the jury and composer Willem Jeths, composer Jonathan Dove, composer and soprano Monique Krüs, flutist Marieke Schneemann and pianist and artistic director of Alba Rosa Viva!, Reinild Mees.

Jack Frerer

The Australian composer Jack Frerer (1995) studied at the Juilliard School in New York and has composed pieces for ensembles, solo instruments, and jazz band. He won the Young Australian Music Composition Competition at the age of 19. He is also a guitarist and a film producer alongside his work as composer. He has made a number of short films with dancers for which he also composed the background music; one of these was for the farewell of soloists and later of Julie Kent, the artistic director of the Washington Ballet. About his Last in, First Out, he writes ‘The piece came about as a result of my daily stress to arrive on time for my lessons at the Juilliard School every day. I lived in a student flat across the road; because I always slept through the alarm clock, I had eight minutes to run through various stairways, safety doors, masses of people and lifts. An artwork entitled Last in the Elevator hangs in the Juilliard lobby; this became — with a little modification — the title of my piece.’

The second Alba Rosa Viva! Music festival

The chamber music festival Alba Rosa Viva! was founded in 2014 by pianist Reinild Mees. The Italian composer, violinist and pianist Alba Rosa Viëtor (1889-1979) was the central figure of the first festival; this year the Dutch composer and conductor Elisabeth Kuyper (1877-1953) took centre stage. Elisabeth Kuyper was the most important pupil of Max Bruch; several of her works were performed during the 2016 festival by Natalia Gabunia and Rosanne Philippens (violin), Melvyn Tan, Nino Gvetadze and Reinild Mees (piano), Ella van Poucke (cello), Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer (clarinet), Karin Strobos (mezzo-soprano) and Martijn Cornet (baritone). Master pianist Melvyn Tan also performed the Dutch premiere of Catching fire, composed by Jonathan Dove for Tan’s 60th birthday on 13 October.

Alba Rosa Viva! and Radio 4

As in 2014, Omroep MAX broadcast selections from the Alba Rosa Viva! festival on Dutch Radio 4. The evening concert was broadcast live.

The evening concert

Last In, First Out by Jack Frerer as broadcast on Sunday 2 October. Listen to: Avondconcert >

Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition 2018

The third international Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition will be held in the autumn of 2018.

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