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A CD with the recordings listed below can be ordered at info@albarosavietor.com and by payment of the shipping costs only; € 3,- within the Netherlands, € 7,- for all other countries, to:
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The Alba Rosa Viëtor Foundation
Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


CD with selected compositions by Alba Rosa Viëtor

Sonate for violin and piano (1937)

[1] Allegro Moderato [7:47]
[2] Adagio Drammatico [5:28]
[3] Scherzo (allegretto) [4:58]
[4] Finale (allegro ritmico) [5:25]

Alba Rosa Viëtor (violin), Ramon Gonzales (piano)
1955 Phillips Gallery, Washington D.C

Mediolanum for Orchestra (1950)

[5] The Castle [9:28]
[6] The Cathedral [4:22]
[7] The Stadium [7:24]

The National Gallery Orchestra, Conductor Richard Bales
1954 Washington D.C.

Piano Trio in A-minor (1951)

[8] Adagio-Allegro-Adagio [11:21]

Biljana Milovanovic piano, Domagoj Ivanovic violin, Marie Elaine Gagnon cello
2005 Maurice Gusman Hall, University of Miami

Primavera Lombarda for Orchestra (1949)

[9] Adagio-Molto Adagio-Presto [10:44]

University of Miami Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Thomas Sleeper
2003 Maurice Gusman Hall, University of Miami

Pezzi for Piano (1973)

[10] Solitudine [1:48]
[11] Melanconia [1:38]
[12] Ansieta [0:55]
[13] Speranza (per Jeanne) [1:32]
[14] Gratitudine (per Hendrik) [0:38]

Laurence Herklots-Jeanningros, piano
2006 Vierhouten, The Netherlands


Alba Rosa Vietor Concert Series: Keys Through the Millennium


Below are the links to concert programs.

Program Alba Rosa Vietor Chamber Works concert February 14, 2010

Program Alba Rosa Vietor Piano Works concert April 5, 2010

Program Alba Rosa Vietor Violin Works concert September 29, 2010

Program Alba Rosa Vietor Vocal Works concert April 1, 2011

Videos of the concerts can be viewed at:

Video recordings Alba Rosa Vietor Concert Series

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