Alba Rosa Viëtor


Hendrik W. Vietor † son of Alba Rosa and Jan Fresemann Viëtor
Hendrik W. Vietor † son of Alba Rosa and Jan Fresemann Viëtor

To make her music known by scores, performances and recordings.

To encourage improvising and composing (especially by women)
Hermance Viëtor, patron

After her death in 1979, Alba Rosa Viëtor’s compositions remained untouched for 25 years. In 2004, her son Hendrik Vietor instructed the Frost School of Music of the University of Miami, Florida, to digitize and compile the entire collection of compositions of his mother in a catalog. On 13 March 2009, the Alba Rosa Viëtor Foundation was founded by Mary van Veen-Viëter, Hermance Viëtor and Maarten van Veen. The aim of the Foundation is: “The management of the musical legacy of Alba Rosa Viëtor and to make her music known by scores, performances and recordings. To promote the performing arts, in particular improvising and composing, and anything else that is directly or indirectly related to this or supportive to it, in the broadest sense of the word. ”

In 2010, the catalog was released, and since that time her compositions have been performed more regularly. A number of her works were also recorded. Recently, the historical recordings of performances of Alba Rosa Viëtor’s work (some of which were performed by herself) were transferred from 78 rpm records to CD. The Alba Rosa Viëtor Foundation has opened a website, posted an article on Wikipedia and made sure that all compositions are publicly available via Petrucci .



Maarten van Veen, chairman
David van Rossem, treasurer
Hilly Bosch-Tetzner, secretary
Joost Mollerus
Fiona de Vilder

Reinild Mees, artistic director
Tia Schutrups, pr and marketing

Alba Rosa Viëtor Foundation
Herman Heijermansweg 5
1077 WJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands

KvK: 34331500
IBAN: NL14ABNA0537207163



Mary van Veen-Viëtor


Mary van Veen-Viëtor has been, till she passed away in March 2012, the driving force behind the Alba Rosa Viëtor Foundation. Together with Alba’s son Hendrik, who died in 2010, she realised among other things the digitization of the scores of all Alba Rosa’s compositions. Mary was from the start till publication involved in the book  ‘The story of Alba Rosa Viëtor’. In a conversation between Mary and Reinild Mees, now artistic director of the Alba Rosa Viva! festival, the idea for a chamber music festival focusing on female composers was born.

Cherishing the memory of Mary’s warm and enthusiastic personality, the current Board continues the work she started.

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