Sílvia Lanao Aregay

Spain, 1995

Sílvia Lanao Aregay (1995, Girona, Spain) started her interest and passion for music at a very young age. Unable to choose just one instrument, she started playing piano, violin and bassoon at a small music school outside the city. She later moved to Girona to continue her piano studies.

Composition was a natural outcome of her music practice and would soon become the main motivation in her career. While playing the piano, she often deviated from studying the assigned pieces and instead began to improvise and write musical ideas. In 2014 she started studying composition in Barcelona at the Liceu Conservatory. In 2016, after a number of enriching experiences in Barcelona, she felt the need to complete her studies abroad. That is why she moved to Amsterdam, where she currently studies at the Conservatory with Wim Henderickx and Willem Jeths.

As a composer, she has a strong interest in synesthesia and the relationship of sound to the other senses, which is often reflected in the fact that her music focuses on timbre and sound texture.