Mario Oyanadel Guiñez

Chili, 1990

Mario Alfredo Oyanadel Guiñez is an emerging composer with a bachelor’s degree in composition from the University of Chile. He studied with the composers Andres Maupoint, Edgardo Canton and Jorge Pepi.
His music has been awarded and performed several times. His orchestral piece “Acuarelas” won the first symphonic ensemble competition held by the University of Chile in the orchestra category. He also won third place for his work “Noche” in the composition competition “Carlos Riesco 2016” and his orchestral piece “Ecos y Resonancias” was awarded first place in the “XIII Concurso de Composición Musical Luis Advis 2017”. He also participated as one of the finalists in the “Banuae International Music Composition Competition 2018” which took place in the Philippines for his piece “The Harvest of the Rice” and was also selected as one of the finalists for the “Thailand International Composition Festival 2018” to participate in the final concert with his work “Crystal Mozaïek”.
He is also a freelance visual artist who has worked as an illustrator for the publishing of books in the editorial “Mago Editores”, and for this reason he has shown an interest in the interdisciplinary arts, and is currently developing works in this field. He is a member of the National Association of Composers of Chile.