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The Story of Alba Rosa Viëtor


The book The Story of Alba Rosa Viëtor, violinist and composer 1889-1979 was published in 2009. It includes mémoires and lectures of Alba Rosa Viëtor, a catalogue of her works, as well as reviews and analyzes of her style as a composer.

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In this fascinating personal account of a rich life dedicated to music, Alba Rosa Viëtor’s warm, humorous style vividly evokes the events of a life that spanned ninety years. We follow this resolute, passionate and quietly witty concert violinist and later composer on a life’s journey that divides itself over three continents. From a nineteenth century Italian conservatoire to fin de siècle South America, from the glamour of Berlin, Paris and suffragette London on the eve of the First World War to the Great Depression years lived out in a New Jersey suburb. This is a story told on a human scale but set against the dramatic backdrop of the major events of the last century.
Though a respected musician and composer, who enjoyed her fair share of fame on a modest scale, Alba Rosa Vietor will likely never be more than a footnote in musical history. But that is precisely what makes her story so fascinating. The story of a woman of exceptional musical talent, who lived her life to the full and gave all she had to her music and to her friends and family. It is a life at once ordinary and extraordinary. This is the story not of remote genius, but of someone who made the most of life and of the considerably talents she was given, and in many ways that makes it all the more inspiring.

Part I: The Life of Alba Rosa Viëtor, memoir and biography
Part II: Alba’s Reflections on Music and Life
Part III: Views on the Work of Alba Rosa Viëtor
Part IV:The Music, List of Compositions

Authors and editors
Alba Rosa Viëtor (+1979)
Hendrik Vietor
Mary van Veen-Viëtor
Walter Winkler
Peter Fraser MacDonald DMA
Paul Janssen
Tom Collingridge

Alba Rosa Viëtor Foundation 2009

Contributing to the Alba Rosa Viëtor project
Hendrik Vietor, Walter Winkler-Ederveen, Hermance Viëtor, Robijn Tilanus, Peter Fraser MacDonald DMA, Laurence Herklots-Jeanningros, Joost Kist, Maarten van Veen, Mary van Veen-Viëtor, Marijke Harberts, Barbara Ederveen-Winkler, Bard Jansen, Lodewijk Collette, Tom Collingridge, Winny Westerdijk, Heleen van Ketwich Verschuur, Loes Visser, Cynthia Millar, Susie E. Dantzig and others.

ISBN 9789087230067

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