Alba Rosa Viëtor


Sunday, 2 October 2016, Utrecht
One-day chamber music festival in the Leeuwenbergh Church

Dutch composer Elisabeth Kuyper (1877-1953) is the key composer of the second edition of the chamber music festival ALBA ROSA VIVA! Furthermore, works by composers Max Bruch (Elisabeth Kuyper’s teacher), Mathilde Wantenaar, Willem Jeths, Jonathan Dove and – of course – by Alba Rosa Viëtor will be performed. The ALBA ROSA VIËTOR COMPOSITION COMPETITION is an important part of the festival.

2.00 pm – Festive opening concert

Elegie and Canzonetta (violin and piano) – Alba Rosa Viëtor
Natalia Gabunia (violin), Nino Gvetadze (piano)

Schemeringen in het Avondland for clarinet, violincello and piano – Mathilde Wantenaar
Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer (clarinet), Ella van Poucke (violincello), Nino Gvetadze (piano)

Catching Fire (Dutch première) – Jonathan Dove
Melvyn Tan (piano)

Pianotrio op. 5 – Max Bruch
Rosanne Philippens (violin), Ella van Poucke (violincello), Melvyn Tan (piano)

3.30 pm – Afternoon Concert

Acht Stücke op. 83 (selection), for clarinet, violincello and piano – Max Bruch
Lars Wouters van den Oudenweijer (clarinet), Ella van Poucke (violincello), Nino Gvetadze (piano)

Sechs Lieder op. 17 – Elisabeth Kuyper
Karin Strobos (mezzo soprano), Martijn Cornet (baritone), Reinild Mees (piano)

Novelette – Willem Jeths
Rosanne Philippens (violin) en Nino Gvetadze (piano)

5.00 pm – Finals Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition

Six new compositions (for wind/strings/piano) by young composers from all over the world will be performed by young, professional musicians. The jury includes composers Willem Jeths (chairman/composer) and Jonathan Dove (composer), Monique Krüs (composer/soprano), Marieke Schneemann (flutist) and Reinild Mees (pianist/artistic direct Alba Rosa Viva!) will assign the first and second prize. The audience will decide who wins the audience prize.

6.00 pm – Meet & Greet with the musicians and presentation Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Prizes 2016.

Light Italian buffet (minestrone, panini, salads) and drinks for everybody!

7.15 pm – Afternoon tea with salon music

Making Money, Barcarola, Tango Habañera, Valse de salon, Valse lente – Alba Rosa Viëtor
Dreams on the Hudson, Serenata Ticinese en American Lovesong – Elisabeth Kuyper
Laurens de Man (piano)

7.45 pm – Interview with Willem Jeths, National Composer

about life and music of Elisabeth Kuyper.

8.15 pm – Evening Concert, broadcast live on Dutch national Radio 4 (Omroep MAX)

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Vioolsonate op. 1 – Elisabeth Kuyper
Rosanne Philippens (violin), Nino Gvetadze (piano)

Liederen – Max Bruch
Karin Strobos (mezzo soprano), Martijn Cornet (baritone), Reinild Mees (piano)


Pianotrio op. 13 Elisabeth Kuyper
Natalia Gabunia
(violin), Ella van Poucke (violincello), Melvyn Tan (piano)

9.45 pm – Highlights from the afternoon program broadcast on Radio 4.

Composer, pianist and conductor Elisabeth Kuyper was born on 13 September 1877 in Amsterdam. She was the first woman admitted to the Meisterschüle für Komposition at the Königliche Hochschule für Musik in Berlin. Her compositions include a highly successful violin concerto, several orchestral works, songs and chamber music. Many of her works have been performed by the Berliner Philharmoniker, conducted by her composition teacher Max Bruch. The Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra also performed her work, conducted by Willem Mengelberg. Elisabeth Kuyper conducted women orchestras (founded by herself) in Berlin, London, The Hague and New York. In 1953 she died in Switzerland. Willem Jeths rediscovered the composer and dedicated a chapter to her in his book Zes Vrouwelijke Componisten (Six Female Composers).

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