Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition 2016

Winners of the Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition 2016

The first prize was awarded to Jack Frerer for his composition Last In,First Out for clarinet, violin and piano.

11th October 2016 – Australiër Jack Frerer (1993) wint Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition 2016
If you want to listen to his composition click here.

The Second Prize was awarded to the Brazilian composer Igor Coelho Marques (1988) for his composition Huithrothroy for flute and piano

From left to right Reinild Mees, Willem Jeths, Monique Krüs, Igor Coelho Marques, Jonathan Dove, Marieke Schneemann
  • Igor Coelho Marques (Brasil, 1988) with Huithrothroy for flute and piano
  • Jack Frerer (Australia, 1995) ,winner, with Last In, First Out for clarinet, violin and piano
  • Olaf Krause (Germany, 1981) with Shades of Dusk for string quartet
  • Austin Yip (UK, 1985) with Eagle Eyes for wind quintet
  • Melle Heij (Netherlands, 1997) with Sub Rosa for oboe, violin, viola, violoncello and piano
  • Dani Howard (UK, 1993) with AXIS for violin, violoncello and piano
  • Willem Jeths
  • Monique Krüs
  • Jonathan Dove
  • Marieke Schneemann
  • Reinild Mees
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