Alba Rosa Viëtor

SAVE THE DATE! The third edition of the Alba Rosa Viva! chamber music festival will take place at Sunday December 2nd, 2018 in the recital hall of The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.


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Alba Rosa Viëtor

Alba Rosa Viëtor (1889-1979) was a renowned violinist, pianist and composer of her time. She was born in Italy and eventually settled in the United States, after a stay in South America.

Alba Rosa Viëtor was in those days one of the few female composers and the only female member of the Society of American composers. Her works were performed by America’s greatest orchestras and soloists, on the same program with composers such as Charles Ives, Aaron Copland and John Philip Sousa.

To keep her memory alive and to offer talented musicians and (female) composers a stage, the Alba Rosa Viva! Chamber music festival and the Alba Rosa Viëter Composition Competition have been founded.

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Alba Rosa Viva! Chamber Music Festival

Alba Rosa Viva! is a one-day chamber music festival, in which the top of the Dutch musicians introduce visitors and radio listeners to the work of Alba Rosa Viëtor and other unknown and better known composers. Special attention is paid to one female composer.  In 2016 this was Elisabeth Kuyper. The festival will also feature a number of very recent works.

The festival started as an initiative by Mary van Veen-Viëtor, cousin of Alba’s son Hendrik, and Reinild Mees. Reinild Mees had already put Alba Rosa Viëtor’s music in the spotlight during the Women’s Music Marathon in the Concertgebouw Amsterdam.

Video and radio broadcast Festival 2016


Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition

For a classical concert audience listening to a piece of a contemporary composer can be a special experience. When the composer is present at the concert, the feeling of a living art form is further enhanced. Both the musicians and the audience like to be be surprised by the quality of a piece that they do not yet know.

By organizing the biennial Alba Rosa Viëtor Composition Competition for composers up to 35 years the Foundation wants to contribute to new high quality chamber music repertoire. This international competition realizes this with a distinguished jury, under the supervision of Willem Jeths. Based on the large number of entries for the 2016 edition, the ‘chamber music’ genre is still alive and kicking.

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